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Cutting the cake. Eating the cake.
Linda and Peter met in Vacaville, California, where Linda was stationed at Travis AFB in April, 1996. By August of that year they decided that they should become permanent partners, so were married on 24 August, 1996. These photos, (it should seem obvious) were taken on that occasion. In July of 1997 they moved to Pleasanton, Texas under Linda's PCS orders. This meant of course that Peter, who was now a "Military Dependent" had to terminate his employment at Winters, California, where he had lived and worked for the past 14 years. However, they were pretty glad to move into one house, because for the previous 10 1/2 months they had still lived in separate houses some 22 miles apart, each "visiting" the other's house on a nightly basis, or whenever they had a day or two off at the same time! After nearly 3 years at Lackland AFB, where Linda worked at Wilford Hall Medical Center, she received orders to PCS to Yokota Air Base, near Tokyo, Japan, where they now live.

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